• Reliability


    JETMAT® supports dynamic & clean movements on floor of all users. Seamless clean passage between dirty and clean floor areas will support accelerated movement for people, goods and vehicles.

  • Multifunctional surface

    Multifunctional surface

    It is a cleaning machine (built in the floor), powered by inner flow system of pressurized water plus detergents, as well with high pressure steam and air, enriched with fragrance.

    Mechatronic automation
  • up to 4000 modules /m²

    up to 4000 modules /m²

    It is a automated high-resolution preventive cleaning matrix, capable of the instant cleaning and drying of any shape of shoe sole or car tire, on the move. despite of People and vehicles trafic, flooring high level cleanness remains long life.

    Installation planning
  • Constant Cleanliness

    Constant Cleanliness

    It has lightning-fast reflexive reaction, with a response time of less than 0.01 sec, which focuses on high effective and most expedient preventive cleaning. User has nothing to worry about soiling, no footprints nor soiled tyre track prints left behind.

    JETMAT® technology
  • No dirt spreading

    No dirt spreading

    In porpose of achieving the most effective cleanness protection ever, JETMAT® provide continous entire cleanliness letting your quick and seamless passage.

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JETMAT® Real-time Cleanliness Protection Service


Mr. Richard Magony 

Leader of development concept / Founder / Inventor      linkedin

Major owner of the Patent Rights of the JETMAT® technology, worldwide.

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Preventive cleaning

About prevention   

Nobody can deny the importance of preventive purification.

In the preventive cleaning field, there are still not enough opportunities to progress due to the low efficiency of currently used clean off zones.

Therefore, the question has arisen, how could it be possible to develop an outstandingly appropriate cleaning operation, which could be capable of achieving preventive purification to a highly efficient and high quality level, whilst raising the convenience level remarkably and increasing economic value too?

Developing a completely new preventive cleaning method in a suitable device which can be widely used and reacts rapidly, can be easily installed into any floor covering and can reduce many significant contamination worries too.

It is apparent today, that our constant search to develop the right solution has led us to the ideal targeted outcome, called JETMAT®.

Specific developments 

Using its appropriate purification method the JETMAT® cleaner matrix, attributes great importance to the intensive and expeditious preventive cleaning intervention, providing an immediate and thorough cleaning effect to every dirt particle which can be stuck in deep grooves from shoe soles to tyre treads.

The JETMAT® is an active, rapid reaction and functionally automated preventive surface pollution transfer system (decontamination entrance cleaning system), which can achieve automatic purification immediately while crossing over it, without the need for human intervention, at all.

JETMAT® guards against expansion of pollutants convincingly, even abnormal environmental influences and can also be used in any location and any floor covering.

The individual structured sensors and functionally automated surface of the JETMAT® and its especially homogeneous cleaning matrix structure and specially developed flowing and drainage system overall, provides brand new highly effective preventive purifying possibilities.

Outstanding efficiency

Both interior (any kind of pollutant which could derive from the food processing industry for example) and exterior (e.g.  external environmental contamination) pollution is what we would like to defend against,  the special preventive purification method of a the JETMAT® cleaning matrix which mainly involves the immediate loosening of dirt (rapid washing off effect), neutralisation and removal of pollution, provides an excellent definitive solution.

Without exception, every contamination transfer surface which comes into contact with the cleaning surface of the JETMAT® triggers the purification process which remains until the contact no longer exists.

The cleaning effect is maintained until the user moves off the JETMAT®.

The longer you remain on the JETMAT®, the more effective the cleaning process will be, and changing position or stepping will further increase the effectiveness. 

As soon as, the shoe soles is lifted off or the tire tread has lifted even just one millimetre from the JETMAT® surface, the cleaning processes will stop closing with the immediate removal of any remaining drips, by the next step.

Preferred combinations

If we put due emphasis on prevention, then regular cleaning tasks become much easier.

The expeditious prevention of contamination spreading can moderate both duration and intensity of everyday cleaning, while extending the lifetime of the surfaces, remarkably.

The expected expansion of efficiency increases prevention - provided by the JETMAT® - this can influence the efficiency of regular cleaning methods, favourably.

The new methods, based on prevention and effective rapid intervention by the JETMAT® surface purifying and disinfecting system RePRO, DREC, 2SCP, SPDC as well as, comprehensive defence against the spreading of pollution, in a unified logical system such as contACT means basic methodological change to achieve sustainable cleanliness, mostly compared to currently used cleaning procedures.