• Reliability


    JETMAT® supports dynamic & clean movements on floor of all users. Seamless clean passage between dirty and clean floor areas will support accelerated movement for people, goods and vehicles.

  • Multifunctional surface

    Multifunctional surface

    It is a cleaning machine (built in the floor), powered by inner flow system of pressurized water plus detergents, as well with high pressure steam and air, enriched with fragrance.

    Mechatronic automation
  • up to 4000 modules /m²

    up to 4000 modules /m²

    It is a automated high-resolution preventive cleaning matrix, capable of the instant cleaning and drying of any shape of shoe sole or car tire, on the move. despite of People and vehicles trafic, flooring high level cleanness remains long life.

    Installation planning
  • Constant Cleanliness

    Constant Cleanliness

    It has lightning-fast reflexive reaction, with a response time of less than 0.01 sec, which focuses on high effective and most expedient preventive cleaning. User has nothing to worry about soiling, no footprints nor soiled tyre track prints left behind.

    JETMAT® technology
  • No dirt spreading

    No dirt spreading

    In porpose of achieving the most effective cleanness protection ever, JETMAT® provide continous entire cleanliness letting your quick and seamless passage.

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JETMAT® Real-time Cleanliness Protection Service


Mr. Richard Magony 

Leader of development concept / Founder / Inventor      linkedin

Major owner of the Patent Rights of the JETMAT® technology, worldwide.

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Overall specification


Considering the realization shape of JETMAT® is definitely planar (90-150 mm thick) can be mounted easily into the ground level expediently. Its surface and every mechanical characteristics going to defined during the manufacture according to scheduled character of utilization.

JETMAT® produced according to customers’ demands; therefore it could be any size, any shape probably appropriate bearing power, conforming to averages over passing dirt-transfer surfaces, from simply walker up to the truck size traffics.

During the installation according to pretensions of the customers the cleaning matrix - which previously assembled from miniature cleaner modules - can be mounted easily into a prepared recipient tray, which previously were adjusted to size of the JETMAT® after fixing it, each necessary junctions - towards the central control unit - can be connected, easily.

For operation of the JETMAT® the necessary power sources are, primarily the cleaning liquid expediently water, as well as compressed air for moisture removing and at last the tempering liquid of necessary.

The central automation unit accomplishes and ensures the substance regulating of the entire cleaning process, as well monitoring of each specific parameters continuously, therefore to operate this unit is a must and therefore the 230V main power is required, too.

Supplementing automatic systems (additive compounding units, compressed air jointing unit, temperature controller, liquid filtering and circulating unit, balancing container, additive stores, etc.) according to customers demands are going to build additional during the installation process on the scene.

The JETMAT® cleaning device is equivalent of each relating norms in every detail, as well as it fits for relating live - job - and accident prevention regulations, too. Its ingredient composed by mainly technical plastic and stainless steel, the weight of the JETMAT® cleaner surface is just 35-50 kg/m2, so it is easily and safely movable for appropriate tools.

Start up protocol 

After the first steps of the installation finish - following by regulations - we assure the existence of every necessary condition to operating the clearing system during a Start up.

During the installation procedure the stand-alone JETMAT® cleaning surface - namely isolated from central controlling unit - were safely stabilized in the environmental covering, we had made every technological joining connected, but the cleaner surface is dry - means empty - right now the system is not functional at all.

Dry condition is very important because of the first steps of the safe and easy installation, however for operation of the JETMAT® we will need for fill in its inside flowing circles, therefore after we were made the required connections, we are starting the Start up with the help of central automatics system to fill the ingredients in.

Using energy sources and technological substances - which were connected and filled during the installation and with exertion of the loaded additives during the filling part of the Start-up - the central unit of the JETMAT® according to a controlled and programmed rule systems full fills all of its pipelines circles safely.

JETMAT® is taking charge of its own streaming continuities, checks the operation parameters of the filtering units and the integrity of the circulation system, too.

At the end of the Start up following by the filling steps - after the complete elimination of air - the central controlling unit configures the necessary components and pressure rates to ensuring the operation conditions, arrange the self-diagnostic protocol and switches the system into stand by action status.

Between primary technology expectations there is a demand for having homogeneous equivalent cleaning liquid anywhere in the entire wide cleaning surface equally, therefore the flowing system - continuously monitored by the central controlling unit - keeps the constant streaming circulation in the substructure to hold the cleaning fluid composite and temperature permanently, without any harmful separation.


Because of prosperous self-diagnostic and self-purification abilities of the JETMAT® as well as its automatized process management and specific construction features, opportunities for malfunction are quite low, but if it still came to pass a thorough wet vacuum surface cleaning or a short-term high-pressure jet cleaning application could probably solve the operation problems.

The JETMAT® even in case of enduring increased utilization also accomplishes the surface cleaning tasks with excellent and equivalent efficiency, in case of required installation and looking round Start up the maintenance is essentially limited to primary control of correct operation conditions only.

The extent of the maintenance is worth to adjust to the utilization level.

The specific activity of the complete cleaning surface and also the single cleaning modules are easily controllable.

The systematic daily verifying maintenance is primarily consisting of removing large solid pollution - which possibly blocked on its surface -such as gravels, leaves, bubble gums - from the JETMAT® cleaning modules.

The 2-4 weekly maintenance is limited to quick and simple cleaning of the sediments casually arising at water-system of the substructure.


In so far as operations of some cleaning modules are not perfect those inaccurate ones are quickly and easily exchangeable owing to the simple access.

This service intervening could be easily accomplishable after switching the JETMAT® cleaning system into servicing method, and then, after we had changed the inaccurate malfunctioning modules, according to Start up protocol the system automatically sets the cleaning surface into standby stage, again.

In time of servicing consequently, the automatic systems  - composing integral part of JETMAT® cleaning device -  accomplishes the regulation of the external functional parameters, switches the cleaning surface into safe pressure reduced position.

After that, as soon as we had removed the stubborn pollutions and we had changed the malfunctioning modules - at the end of service procedure - according to controlled start up protocol, the automatics is checking the impletion of flowing mains and restores the working pressures and each main parameters again back to normal level.