• Reliability


    JETMAT® supports dynamic & clean movements on floor of all users. Seamless clean passage between dirty and clean floor areas will support accelerated movement for people, goods and vehicles.

  • Multifunctional surface

    Multifunctional surface

    It is a cleaning machine (built in the floor), powered by inner flow system of pressurized water plus detergents, as well with high pressure steam and air, enriched with fragrance.

    Mechatronic automation
  • up to 4000 modules /m²

    up to 4000 modules /m²

    It is a automated high-resolution preventive cleaning matrix, capable of the instant cleaning and drying of any shape of shoe sole or car tire, on the move. despite of People and vehicles trafic, flooring high level cleanness remains long life.

    Installation planning
  • Constant Cleanliness

    Constant Cleanliness

    It has lightning-fast reflexive reaction, with a response time of less than 0.01 sec, which focuses on high effective and most expedient preventive cleaning. User has nothing to worry about soiling, no footprints nor soiled tyre track prints left behind.

    JETMAT® technology
  • No dirt spreading

    No dirt spreading

    In porpose of achieving the most effective cleanness protection ever, JETMAT® provide continous entire cleanliness letting your quick and seamless passage.

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JETMAT® Real-time Cleanliness Protection Service


Mr. Richard Magony 

Leader of development concept / Founder / Inventor      linkedin

Major owner of the Patent Rights of the JETMAT® technology, worldwide.

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Demanding cleanliness

1st prototype of the JETMAT®

This is the full value and impressively functioning prototype of JETMAT® cleaness protection technology. It cleans shoe soles exactly in direct touching area until contact does really exist.

When you walking on the surface of the JETMAT® while your shoe sole is touching it JETMAT® is immediatelly releasing this reflex-like automatically generated and self-controlled fast cleaning effect.

These high speed  powerfull jetflows are washing away all dirt from your shoe sole entirely, even the deepest grooves of it.

It does't matters, how you step on the cleaning surface, at all. JETMAT® generates very secure cleaning effects just and only under the shoe sole, nowhere else.


Constancy of Cleanness Protection mostly depends on efficiency and reliability of preventive cleaning potential. Without any doubt, JETMAT® technology has all specific capability, exceptional adaptibility  and great power to protect real time cleanliness, uninterrupted.

Automatic cleanness protection abilities of JETMAT® preserve constant purity all day long, without human intervention.


We firmly state that, no any dirty footprints nor dirty tire track prints could no more spread and remain on floor, not even in case of very high traffic.  JETMAT® preserves reliable and constant floor purity owing to its especially effective multi stage automatic preventive cleaning abilities, for eliminate any arising dirt  spreading effects touching the floor caused by our movements. 

JETMAT® can stop most contamination spreading on floor level, and quarantee the constant cleanness, without interruption.



JETMAT® cleanness protection is able to ensure the complete lack of spreading pollution concerns, no matter what kind of dry, wet, acidic, alkaline, gluey, greasy, intensive, repulsive, agressive, persistent, infectious, virulent dirt combination surrounds there are on the floor, at all.

JETMAT® supports required high quality sustainable cleanness realization and our natural demands of free movement by walking and driving, too.